Rent Due Daily

If you want to fly with the eagles, you have to get up with the sun. Or, rather... that's what those adorable (annoying haha) little birds were screaming into my window at 6 am! 😊 Let's do this.

Helpers All Around

No one sleeps on the job... 😍😂 I was up late, as I often am due to my internal clock's preferences. I like to work from my 2nd floor balcony because it's quiet, secluded, and outside. I was pondering my rationale for working so late when I noticed this little one on my "shift" key.... Continue Reading →


Make today count! I have a confession. I'm a bit of an addict. I collect coffee mugs...and pretty much anything that goes in them. I'm regularly teased at home about the numerous boxes of teas, bags of various blends of coffees, and the ever rotating stash of accoutrements to go in the cup of the... Continue Reading →

The Cure

Hustle does not equal busting your hump 100 hours a week. I'm not about that life, not ever again. The rain is done. The sun is coming out. And I'm about to hit the water. 12:34 pm on Wednesday & my "office hours" are done for the day. How's your job today?

Resolutions vs. Goals

January 1, 2016 The dawn of a new year always brings to mind the thoughts of new beginnings, fresh starts and personal changes. It is seen as a special, perhaps even magical, time when even the impossible seems within reach. We see this manifest abundantly. It is on the newsfeeds of our social media pages.... Continue Reading →

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