What is Froghead Life?

December 10, 2015

Admittedly, the romantic in me would like to say that “Froghead” has always existed, but wasn’t a breathing entity until 2012. It was born out of a lifelong calling to help others when they required or asked for it. I always have been the nursemaid, happily. However, in my always-open availability to aid others I had forgotten how to help myself. The prior year, I had moved to a new city with my partner, switched careers and gave up my passions in favor of pragmatism. I hyper-focused my intentions on “just survival” instead of “thrive, plus some.” By the time Froghead came to be in September 2012, I literally had no other options. It was time to either (re-?) find my purpose, or lose my old self completely and settle. I chose to jump.

Simply put, my mission is to help You figure out how to grant your own wishes! Are you ready to attract real change in your life? I can show you how. If I don’t have the tools you need, chances are very good that I know someone who does!

Some of our services include:

*Personal Life Coaching
*Goal Identification, Setting & Accomplishment
*Personal Empowerment

In 2015, we partnered with AdvoCare and now offer those product supplements.

We have a lot of plans for the coming year. The future holds so much promise, but the work has to happen TODAY.

So I’m going to challenge you to answer this:

What would you be willing to attempt if you knew it was impossible to fail?

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